Energy Camp will increase your knowledge about energy; where it comes from and how it is used, the amount of oil, gas and coal still to be explited, benefits and risks of nuclear power, hydropower and other renewable energy sources. You will learn about life-cycle analysis and the costs of the different energy sources and energy carriers. This will make you better qualified to evaluate how we are going to solve the energy challenges of the future, and to ask critical questions to statements set forth in the media or by others.
We also hope that Energy Camp will give you the inspiration to learn more about science, energy and the environment. Norway needs bright minds to find the good solutions for the future! Maybe you’re one of those who will solve the energy challenges of tomorrow?

Last but not least: Energy Camp will give you an experience you won’t forget. You will learn a lot about energy and the environment, you get to practice English and will spend a week at the dormitory, along with other youngsters from Norway, Sweden and Canada!

PISA surveys look at the skills of 15-year olds from a number of countries within reading, writing, mathematics and science. While Norway scorer fairly moderate in these surveys, the province of Alberta in Canada is among the best in the world. Especially within science. Therefore, we are cooperating with experienced teachers from The Department of Secondary Education at the University of Alberta, who will teach you at Energy Camp.

Also for the teachers
This year we also organize a course for teachers during Energy Camp. Teachers in secondary school and high school can participate. The objective is to obtain familiarity with and knowledge about the teaching methods used in Alberta, and that to gain access to practical tools that will make your teaching more inspiring. See separate menu item for mor information about the teacher courses.

Energy Camp – the best summer memories we create together.