Den første Energy Camp ble gjennomført med 30 deltakere i august 2011, og ble en stor suksess. I august 2012 deltok 40 ungdommer på campen, i tillegg til 10 “Returnees” fra året før. I august 2013 deltok 56 ungdommer, hvorav 25 hadde deltatt tidligere. I 2014 deltok 60 ungdommer, fordelt på 40 førstegangs og 20 Returnees. Her kan du se noen av tilbakemeldingene som vi har fått fra deltakerne, samt diverse bilder fra campen.

Tilbakemeldinger fra deltakerne:

  • Pretty much perfect :)
  • AWESOME!!!
  • Good, challenging, met new people. Very good teachers!
  • I´ve been on a wonderful camp, where we have learned science in a fun way!
  • It was a great experience
  • Very good – I would recommend it!
  • You learn English and science, and at the same time it is very funny!
  • Good idea to not just work with science but also have other things to do in the afternoon. Science magic is fantastic and so funny.
  • Fun, really learning and that I met a lot of awesome people. And it was a cool way to learn a lot new stuff about science and energy with awesome teachers! I didn´t want it to end.
  • Lots of fun. Bens science magic was really cool. You learn a lot of English and energy in a fun way. And you have 2 hours daily with new cool sports
  • It is the best camp I have ever been to. And it wasn´t geeky :)
  • Bilder fra Energy Camp 2011. Trykk på bildene for større versjon.